Our GetResponse Review – The Best Email Marketing Tool For Affiliate Marketers


  1. A one-stop marketing tool to boost engagement and online presence. 🤩
  2. Take advantage of email marketing, marketing automation, website builder, and much more! 
  3. Unbeatable prices for many more features than the competition is offering. 😎
  4. 4.3 stars from 1,700 glowing reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  5. Trusted by MarketingProfs, MarTech, MediaPost, and others!

We don’t know about you, but when it comes to finding the best email marketing tools, we found it difficult to find the best out of the neverending expanding market.

There are so many marketing automation tools out there – that do the same thing! 🤔

One that never fails us, though, is GetResponse. It’s been around for ages, and with good reason.

Every year it keeps up with our changing needs and never leaves us wanting more. 

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading our review to learn about how GetResponse is about to become your new best friend. 🙌

What Is GetResponse?

What Exactly Is GetResponse

GetResponse is an automated marketing tool that can take your business to the next level. 🚀

The business was founded in 1997 by Simon Grabowski, and has been going from strength to strength every year! 

Publications are even praising GetResponse, with Website Magazine awarding them as the second-best email marketing provider in 2011.

But if you ask us, they’re number one. ☝️

With the success of GetResponse and similar tools, more people are introducing newer competition onto the market.

These are clogging up the market space, and they’re often coming in hot with fancy new features to attract users. 

But with all of this change happening around them, how can GetResponse remain on top? 

The company’s continuous growth and adaptability are what make it stand out from all of the rest. 😎

In such a turbulent market, being able to grow with the users’ needs makes GetResponse an incredible asset for any business.

Email Marketing

One of the first features GetResponse offered was email marketing, and it remains their flagship service to this day.

Not only that, but it is also one of the best in the industry. 

If you want an email marketing tool that makes customers want to open your emails – and why wouldn’t you – GetResponse is a fine option for you.

The Creator Of All Good Emails

Since beginning our journey with GetResponse, we have seen amazing results using the email creator.

We’re getting more traffic on our websites, more correspondence back from customers, and a higher rate of engagement.

Why didn’t we use this sooner? 🤩 The email creator begins with you choosing a pre-designed template.

This cuts out the long process of designing a new email structure from scratch, and the pre-designed templates look much better than anything we could have made on our own! 

The Creator Of All Good Emails

Once you have chosen your template (you can preview it before publishing to make sure it’s the right look for your vision) click on the different sections to edit them. 

Each edit allows you to see it the same way that your customer would see it once published.

You can change text, font, colors, and more with the settings sections.

Creator Of All Good Emails

There’s also an e-commerce section in the email editor, where you can add recommended product blocks.

However, there is a limitation – you can only do this if your store has been set up with GetResponse.😬

Save your custom email design template and come back to it whenever you want to use it for future campaigns.

Find it under your Design and Content section in your account. 

Finally, add who you want the email to be sent to, schedule a time and date you want it sent, and let GetResponse do the rest. 

Or use the Perfect Timing option (one of the best features, in our opinion!) which sends the emails to your customers based on the time that they previously opened your other emails.

How cool is that? 😎

The Creator Of All Good Emails

Email Analytics

Tracking how many subscribers get your emails is an incredibly important tool that GetResponse offers. 

Email Analytics

Having the information on how your email was received by customers can show you what went right and where you went wrong with your campaign.

You can then use this to improve your next one!

The email analytics dashboard shows you information like how many people you sent it to, how many it reached, the percentage of people who opened the email, and the percentage of people who clicked through. 

The dashboard also tells you the bounce rate and how many subscribers you lost – as well as how many people complained! 😱

Autoresponders Get Results

Imagine you are getting lots of new subscribers and want to send them all a welcome email with links to get them acquainted with your website.

You couldn’t do this manually – you’d be there forever! 😴

GetResponse’s autoresponders feature allows you to send multiple emails at once, and you can schedule them so you don’t have to do any of the work. 

Autoresponders Get Results

Using the auto-response feature from GetResponse improved our engagement tenfold, and it will surely do the same for you! 🙏

List Management

Building lists of people who are interested and engaged in your brand is important for engagement.

You need people joining who want to stay up to date with your business, and the best way to do this is to send them regular emails encouraging them to remain active. 

GetResponse has a List Management feature that allows you to add segments and conditions to your subscribers. 

List Management

This means that you can then target specific emails to each segment depending on their wants and needs.

Personalized campaigns are so much better received by subscribers, so use this tool to your full advantage! 🙌

GetResponse also allows you to break up your subscribers into conditions, such as geo-locations and contact actions.

Make a personalized email campaign for each condition to enhance your email marketing strategy.

List Management

Finally, the list management tab shows you information about each subscriber, including their recent activity on your previous emails.

Use this to profile subscribers and enhance their experience.

List Management

Transactional Emails 

Calling all our e-commerce site runners! 🗣️

This one’s for you. GetResponse offers a feature to send emails reminding people of things left in their baskets, as well as receipts for completed transactions.

Automate this system and make the most out of the 99% email deliverability rate and reliable infrastructure.

Make sure to review how these emails are performing to enhance them and maximize your sales numbers.

Don’t let them off the hook that easily! 😏

Sign Up Forms

Email campaigns need subscribers to send information to, otherwise, they’d be a complete waste of money!

Luckily, GetResponse allows you to create a sign-up form to collect data from your subscribers.

Again, there are templates for you to choose from to make this, and you can customize it however you want to.

Spend less time on designing and more time building that subscriber list!

Sign Up Forms

Now all that is left to do is publish it on your website and wait for the subscriber count to rise!

You’ll be surprised how many people will subscribe with an attractive sign-up form. 😍

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to get more sales on autopilot, and GetResponse’s features are second to none here. 🤩

Create multiple autoresponders to develop a drip-feed campaign, automatically sending emails to a segment in your list.

Marketing Automation

As long as you have a workflow pointed towards your goal, you can use this marketing automation feature to your full advantage.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these, though, as obviously, GetResponse has a template to make your life as easy as possible.

Each template will show you which emails will be sent to subscribers, and you can add your elements to the template to make it your own.

Conditional Logic

What stands GetResponse out from the rest of the marketing tools out there is the conditional logic element that comes with the marketing automation feature.

Say what now?

Each email campaign has a goal of getting as many subscribers to the end of the campaign as possible, with your workflow bearing the majority of the work.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows subscribers to receive different emails depending on their previous actions. Smart, right? 🤓

For example, if the subscriber didn’t open the previous email, they can receive a different email that might make them more interested in opening it.

This improves engagement and improves the likelihood of you getting new customers.

Landing Pages

Converting visitors into subscribers is essential for any good business. Landing pages are a great way to do this rather than forms.

You guessed it, GetResponse will help you make your stellar landing page too!

Landing Pages

Choose a template, adjust it in the builder, and test it out.

GetResponse offers an A/B testing feature to show you which landing pages generate better conversions for your site.

Landing Pages

You can now publish the landing page on your website.

If you don’t have your website, though, there are three preset domains from GetResponse that you can use to publish your page. 


Webinars are a great way to boost engagement and sales by inviting your visitors to be part of an audience.

Here you can teach them more about a topic, and drop a few of your products and services into the mix. 😏


Audience members will likely already be interested in your products or services, so a webinar can be effective at tipping them over the edge of purchasing your product.

We’ve hosted several webinars for prospective clients and have closed a surprising number of deals within hours after them!

GetResponse is the only email marketing tool that offers webinar services as well.

This feature is also easy to use with the other offerings GetResponse has, and leaves no requirement for a third-party tool!

GetResponse makes everything so easy that you’ll feel like you’re dreaming… 🤤


Create your webinar with the date, URL, duration, and other details important to attendees.

You can also add your registrants to a list so that you can email them the details as the date draws closer.

Now make a landing page or form to allow interested visitors to register for the webinar, adding them to a list automatically for easy targeting.


During the webinar, GetResponse allows you to engage with watchers in real time, answering questions asked as you go. 🙌

You can even record the webinar and send the link to subscribers in case they missed it!

Conversion Funnels

GetResponse uses conversion funnels to put together all of the marketing tools you’ve just created with the above features, creating an effective funnel almost guaranteed to turn your visitors into customers.

Conversion Funnels

Every funnel needs a goal. This could be selling a product, promoting your webinar, or something different.

GetResponse will then tell you what you need to complete your funnel.

This might just be one of the most beneficial tools that GetResponse offers.

It takes all the guesswork out of creating high-quality campaigns that are sure to grow your business.

Conversion Funnels

Website Builder

GetResponse is already doing everything else for your business, you might as well build your website too! 🤷‍♀️

Website Builder

Full disclosure – you won’t be getting the same flexibility with designing your website through GetResponse as you would with a dedicated website builder.

But it still puts you in an excellent starting position! The AI builder creates a web design quickly and through the template you choose.

It’s a simple and painless method of getting a website up and running as soon as possible.

E-Commerce Store

If your business is about selling goods and services, then you’ll need an e-commerce route through your website.

Not one to let us down now, GetResponce supports this as well.

Using the conversion funnel feature, you can create a functional sales funnel set apart from your other marketing funnels.

You can link Paypal, Stripe, Square, and other payment providers with GetResponse, making transactions a breeze. 👌👌

Is GetResponse Worth The Price? 

With all of the features we’ve looked at, GetResponse pricing is surprisingly low.

For starters, you can create a lifetime free account that allows up to 500 contacts and access to the email marketing, website builder, and landing page builder features.

There are a few limitations to the lifetime free account, and paying the monthly price will lift these.

Still, it’s nice for you to test out GetResponse without having to pay right away.

The paid plans then all come with a 30-day trial. The higher the plan, the more benefits you’re going to unlock for your business.

Is GetResponse Worth The Price

Email Marketing Plan 🤑

Costing $13 a month, the email marketing plan is the lowest you can get (except for the free version).

Here are the features you’ll unlock:

  • Email marketing, forms, landing pages, templates, e-commerce tools, website builder, tracking/reporting. 
  • Limited automation, such as click and open follow-throughs, drip campaigns, and contact tagging. 
  • The ability to create one sales funnel and unlimited lead funnels.
  • More than 150 integrations from third-party sites. 
  • Round-the-clock live chat customer service. 

Marketing Automation Plan 🤑🤑

The marketing automation plan is for affiliate marketers looking to level up and seriously grow.

The cost is $44 a month, and comes with all the basic plan offers as well as the following:

  • All of the automation features GetResponse has to offer. 
  • Option to make five custom workflows.
  • Host 100 webinar visitors, unlimited registrants, unlimited webinars, and storage for three hours of recordings. 
  • Ability to create five sales funnels and webinar funnels, and unlimited lead funnels. 
  • Add three users to one account. 

Ecommerce Marketing Plan 🤑🤑🤑

This plan is for well-established businesses looking for an email marketing tool as well as webinar features.

Starting at $89 a month, you’ll get all of the above features as well as: 

  • Ability to create unlimited workflows. 
  • Host 300 webinar watchers, unlimited registrations, unlimited webinars, and storage for up to six hours of recordings. 
  • Create unlimited sales, webinars, and lead funnels. 
  • Web push notifications and on-demand webinars. 
  • Add five users to your account. 
Ecommerce Marketing Plan

Max Plan 🤑🤑🤑🤑

The final plan is for businesses that require premium features to keep their operations running smoothly.

You will need to receive a custom quote for this plan, and here’s what you’ll get with it: 

  • All features we’ve looked at in previous plans. 
  • Add up to 10 users to your account.
  • Consults on your campaign and deliverability. 
  • Granted access to transactional emails. 
  • Dedicated customer support through live chat, phone, Slack, and emails. 

What We Loved About GetResponse

There are plenty of templates to choose from throughout the platform, making it possible to build almost anything to enhance your marketing.

Yes, please! 🤩 We like that nothing is left to chance or is unanswered.

Anything you want to see, from workflows to funnels, can be seen in a visual representation instead of just writing.

This helped us get a grasp of what was working in our marketing structure, and what wasn’t. 

Speaking of funnels, it was super easy to build all the funnels we wanted with the conversion funnel feature.

For beginners in the marketing world, GetResponse offers unbeatable help that is sure to make your life much easier. 

Of course, the webinar feature has to have a hand here 👏👏.

Build your webinars with all the tools necessary already integrated into GetResponse.

You need no help from third-party websites, again, making effective marketing much easier to access for us all! 

Finally, we love the website builder.

It might not be as effective as specialist programs, but it is a great starting point – and it’s included with all of these other fabulous marketing tools.

What We Didn’t Like About GetResponse

Admittedly, there isn’t much we don’t like about this program.

However, we were slightly bugged by the fact that dedicated customer support is only available for Max customers.

Don’t we deserve the best customer service, too? 🤧

Another small issue is that when we were building forms, we found the feature not as clever as the feature to build emails and landing pages.

We had to put a little more effort on our part to get a form that was up to our standards. 

Comparison: GetResponse Vs Mailchimp

Mailchamp is another marketing tool, similar to GetResponse, that allows you to create mailing lists, design newsletters, automate your emails, and more.

But which is best? 🤔

Comparison Getresponse Vs Mailchimp

GetResponse offers you considerably more functionality on the basic plan than Mailchamp, with autoresponders, the option to alter the templates provided, e-commerce support, and more.

You can get all of this with Mailchamp, but you’ll have to pay for the higher membership. 

You can also host webinars with GetResponse, but Mailchamp does not support a similar feature.

You’d have to use a third-party application to do this.

GetResponse also offers automatic A/B testing for your landing pages, whereas Mailchamp does not.

How will you know which landing page is generating more traffic and engagement? 😱

Mailchamp’s free plan does offer you the option to email a larger number of people as opposed to GetResponse.

The former allows you to send 2,000 emails for free! In comparison, GetResponse’s free plan only allows you to send 500 emails. 

Despite this, there is no real comparison between these two marketing tools.

GetResponse offers you many more features throughout their cheaper plans, whereas you’ll be needing to pay the maximum amount on Mailchamp for the same level of features. 

GetResponse is a one-for-all marketing platform, while Mailchamp still requires the use of a few third-party sites to give you the same experience. 😎

Our Verdict

So, what does this all mean? 🤔

From the intense number of features GetResponse offers its users, it’s no wonder that it is one of the leading marketing tools out there.

I mean – who is doing it quite like GetResponse? 

The marketing automation and email marketing services are where GetResponse shine, with the funnels, workflows, forms, landing pages, and webinars only sweetening the deal.

GetResponse is the perfect tool for beginners who have no clue when it comes to online marketing (we’ve all been there!), but it’s also great for seasoned marketers who just want an easier life. 

Overall, GetResponse is one of the best options for anyone who wants to engage their audience and turn them into customers. 🤩

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