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A note from our founder

I built my first website and taught myself coding when I was 12 (back when GeoCities was still a thing!)

As a millennial growing up in the new era of social media, I have always been fascinated by IG and TikTok. I have since built and growth hacked several profitable blogs.

I’ve learned a lot about marketing and blogging – particularly what works and what doesn’t. I started this blog out of a passion project to share everything I know and help other bloggers take things to the next level.

In my full-time job as head of growth, I help build and scale D2C e-commerce brands. I specialize in paid media buying across FB, Google, and TikTok, managing US$70M+ in annual digital marketing spend across the portfolio.

It’s time to supercharge your blog, I’m excited what you can accomplish too.

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Zephyr Chan