Done for You HARO Link Building

HARO outreach is our bread and butter.

We use HARO across all our websites, including this one you are reading right now.

HARO is as white-hat as it gets. Our average DR for these links is 70+.

For $200-$250 per link, we get you featured on the world’s most respected websites like Yahoo! (DR 92), American Express (DR 91), and many others.

Why Should You Use HARO?

Here are 3 reasons we recommend HARO.

  1. Hard to get and highly valuable: you build a competitive moat, making it difficult for competitors to replicate your backlink profile
  2. Great for building authority: you secure links from sites with an average DR of 70+, bolstering your E-E-A-T in Google’s eyes
  3. Super cost-effective at scale: buying links from other vendors can cost you $500+ a link and it’s probably not as high-quality as HARO

Examples of Links We Have Built

We have built impactful links for e-commerce, finance and SaaS websites.

Here are some of our examples:

  1. Yahoo! (DR 92) – 18 Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Products From the Dollar Store
  2. American Express (DR 91) – How SMBs Can Harness the Power of People Analytics
  3. Goodfirms (DR 85) – Financial Planning: Top Tips from Business Experts
  4. UpCity (DR 85) – 2022 Study: 38% of Businesses Perform Social Listening
  5. Databox (DR 82) – What Is a Good Google Ads Conversion Rate and How Can You Improve It?
  6. GOBankingRates (DR 82) – 6 Surprising Red Flags Recruiters Might Find on Your Social Media

Like to know more? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Flexible Pricing for Every Need

Bronze – $250/link – 5 links, DR 50+, 4 weeks TAT
Silver – $225/link – 10 links, DR 50+, 8 weeks TAT
Gold – $200/link – 20 links, DR 50+, 16 weeks TAT

How Does it Work?

Here’s our four-step process:

  1. Persona Development: We leverage your existing spokesperson or create a new brand persona for journalist engagement, ensuring consistent and authentic communication
  2. Email Setup: A dedicated email with a professional signature is established for the persona, enhancing credibility
  3. HARO Engagement: Our team diligently monitors and responds to relevant HARO queries aligned with your brand
  4. Transparent Tracking: We log all activities in a Google spreadsheet for result tracking

Our Happiness Guarantee

We stand by our work with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not happy for any reason, we promise a full refund.

Our guarantee covers:

  • Nothing but Quality: High-quality, dofollow backlinks on real websites
  • DR50+ Links: We do not charge for links with DR<50
  • Dofollow Links: We manually chase to convert nofollow links to dofollow; if unsuccessful, you won’t be charged for them
  • Permanent Links: We do not charge for links removed within 6 months of publication
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